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Italian Culture

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     If you want to go on a trip to Italy, specifically Rome, your not going to escape the culture of the people. From the food to the sculptures and buildings, Italy is a superpower in the Arts. everyone knows what the Leaning Tower of Pisa is, its a tower in Pisa that isn't so structurally stable. The Coliseum was a huge arena that was used back in ancient times for barbaric and thrilling gladiator battles. Those are just a couple of the structures of ancient Italy that were built way before there time, and they're still standing. artists like Da Vinci and Titian were born in Italy and made beautiful masterpieces. The most famous Da Vinci painting would be The Mona Lisa.


     Italy is extremely famous for its food and food products. Olive oil, pasta, tomatoes, etc are huge food exports of Italy. Many chefs from Italy or have graduated from an Italian culinary academy can become great at cooking. The Italians mix in their culture into their food and most of what they create is simply amazing. Italians are proud of their history and culture. A lot of Italian immigrants came to America in the 1900's and since then they have brought over many of their tradditions and cooking styles. In World War II U.S. soldiers brought back the love of pizza to the States.


     Italians are huge of soccer or "football' in their country. They have won the World Cup four times! But the Italians arent just about soccer, they enjoy other sports such as cycling, basketball, and Formula One racing. Since Italy is a major exporter of luxury vehicles its no wonder they race cars. In 2006 Italy held the XX Winter Olympics in Torino. Italy won 5 gold medals, no silver medals, and 6 bronze medals.






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