Italy, a country full of rich culture, proud heritage, and vast landscapes. Italy has always intrigued me so i thought it would be perfect to learn more about it in my Adopt a Country Project. I have enjoyed learning about Italy both past and future. I did four graphs on Italy, I made one that compared Italy and US job occupations. The next one is called Italys Urbanization Bar Graph which compares Italy's population of who lives in the city and who lives in rural areas.  My third graph was over a 20 year span of the GDP of Italy. Then for my final graph i compared the Italy Literacy Rate VS US Literacy Rate. I have made three maps by hand of Italy, one Italy Physical Map, an Italy Political Map , and a. I researched some Plants and Animals of Italy and I must say there are some pretty exotic animals in Italy. I wrote a paper on Italian Cultureto learn about what they're cultural differences are to ours. I researched some of Italy's history in a time line i call the Italy Time Line.doc . I wanted to know more about Food in Italyso i researched it and got some information. That's my Italy report I hope you like it.